Motorsport Luggage features a Luggage section introducing leather marvels from Caracalla 1947 for the first time in North America. This is a perfect example of high quality drivers gear that is so hard to find. Caracalla is a rather small company producing motorsport inspired leather goods from Tuscany in Italy. Their travel accessories stand out by their design, attention to details and the incredible colour intensity of their supple leather. I have had a green and yellow Lotus branded duffle bag for a few months now and I keep getting compliments from people around me, whether I know them or not!

In addition to looking so distinctive from the outside, the inside is luxurious with a red or biscotti velvet lining. I also love the blue version with a white stripe (signed by Stirling Moss), and the black and gold model branded John Players Special Lotus team. Each bag as a vintage motorsport inspiration referring to a famous driver or a car manufacturer such as Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, Bentley, Jaguar or Mercedes. Caracalla also offers a number of accessories with a matching design such as toiletry bags and wallets.

From a functional standpoint, the size of the duffle bag is narrow enough to fit limited trunk spaces, including my Lotus Evora. Its long shape combined with an end to end zip make the bag quite roomy and easy to pack. It also fits the smallest airplane bins of regional aircrafts. I would not recommend checking this bag at the airport though in order to avoid damaging these masterpieces.

I decided to offer these bags on because they are so unique (people around you will notice it for sure!), have a clear motorsport theme and are functionally roomy while fitting the typical small trunks of sport cars.