Create Your Own

For a weekend getaway or road trip, you need a bag that will fit your trunk and be as distinctive as your car. We work with you to design a leather accessory reflecting your personal touch. We can also customize one inspired by the features of your car.

Ford GT - Gulf Theme

Personalize or Customize?

On one hand, you can personalize your leather bag by selecting a leather colour, piping and stitch colours, and then add initials, name or license plate numbers. Most of our customers prefer the customized approach which allows you to create your own leather bag from a wide variety of features such as stripes, handles, logos and embroideries matching the specs of your car. Whatever approach you select, we can ensure that your bag will be unmistakably your own.

Personalized or Customized, we have produced items inspired by owners of famous cars including Aston Martin, Audi, AMG, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Lotus, Ford GT and many more. Have a look at the pictures'll get the idea.


Top Quality. Hand-Made in Italy.

We're flexible on design, but never on quality. We only use full grain leather and top quality material for everything we do. All leather bags and accessories are made by hand in Italy. 

Our philosophy is simple: One Bag One Artisan. Each item is created to perfection by hand, by an artisan in Italy who takes care of your project from start to finish. No detail is too small: the cows are reared in controlled pastures, without barbed wire, to avoid injury and scarring. Hides are carefully inspected before treatment and only those of the very highest quality are selected. The original vachetta leather is treated using traditional methods and vegetable tanning procedures to guarantee softness, resilience and durability over time.


It Starts With Your Car.

First off, everything is possible. For a simple leather accessory such as a carbon fibre leather belt or a travel watch box, pricing starts at $200. Most of our bespoke road trip bags range from $800 for a personalized bag, to over $1,200 for a fully customized bag...and everything in between. Pricing depends on complexity of logos, embroideries, use of titanium zippers and other features you may wish to appear on your bag.  

To get an idea of what the perfect bespoke accessory would look like for you, the process is simple.

First, share a few pictures of your car with Eric by email or use this Form. No obligation! We will get back to you with images of a proposed design inspired by your car. If you like what you see, we share thoughts and finalize the design together. Pricing and delivery date are confirmed and we assign an artisan who will take around 6 weeks to make your project come true.