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Our Story

Unique. Passion. Perfection. Three attributes that describe what sports car drivers are all about. 

Sports car drivers have needs that are different, led by distinctive tastes and the particulars of sports car design. The Driver’s Gear Box is an online store offering unique gear and accessories, designed for both style and function for sport car drivers.

Driving gear is hard to find. Our story started in 2014 when Eric D’Amours from Toronto started his quest to find the best driver's car. Eric had a number of powerful cars before but his quest let him discover what “true” sports car driving is all about. Not long after getting his first “true” sports car, he realized that beyond the driving experience, the reality of sports car design was also about space management. Finding distinctive driving gear that worked with limited foot wells and trunks became an important aspect of driving a true sports car. But driving gear for sports car drivers is not easy to find. On his business travels to Europe, he found a number of passionate people running small artisan shops producing exclusive accessories like motorsport luggage (which fits sports cars trunks!). This is when Eric decided to put all his findings together for the benefit of other drivers.

Your feet matter. If you have never driven your car with driving shoes, especially if you drive manual, you need to try the experience. The Driver’s Gear Box offers a broad range of Piloti models, with rolling heel and asymmetrical soles for heel-and-toe. The fit and feel of each shoe is different - read the Gear Blog before you order to know more about which model is right for you.

We are all about exclusivity. The highlight on The Driver’s Gear Box is our Road Luggage, entirely customizable and designed after your own car, then made by hand in Italy. This is a first in North America. We have co-created with our customers numerous bags designed after legendary marquees such as Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, AMG, Porsche, Lotus and more. Our philosophy is - one bag one artisan. Each item is created to perfection by an artisan in Italy assigned to your project. No detail is too small: the cows are reared in controlled pastures, without barbed wire, to avoid injury and scarring. Hides are carefully inspected before treatment and only those of the very highest quality are selected. The Driver's Gear Box' custom-made service ensures that each bag is a unique creation. You’ll never see anybody else with a roadtrip bag or a backpack like yours!

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