Driving Socks

I was well aware of racing socks made of Nomex (a flame-retardant material) as a safety feature against fire, but I didn't know that driving socks ever existed until two months ago. These socks were originally designed as motorcycle gear, usually knee high to wear with boots.  Dainese, the Italian motorsport apparel company, is also manufacturing a mid length version, ideal for sports car drivers.

For cars with low seats, the driver's legs are sitting relatively flat on the heels, which may cause some numbness or discomfort during longer drive days. Driving socks act as"compression socks"  to activate the blood pressure in your feet preventing numbness.  They also provide additional ankle support. The material and design used expels moisture to keep your feet comfortable. Driving socks are ideal in combination with driving shoes for comfort and agility.

The Dainese models offered on driversgearbox.com are probably the best quality you can find. I have tried a few other makes (all selling for less) but I find that the difference with regular socks is not so significant. Plus after a few wash, they don't look so great. A word of caution: DO NOT tumble dry your Dainese socks (don't ask me why I know this).

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