Driving Shoes

Since the focus of this website is on the driver no matter which car the driver owns, I chose to write about driving shoes on my first post because this is probably the driving gear that has the biggest impact on elevating the driving experience. By design, sport cars tend to have a narrow footwell or have pedals close to each other. When considering driving shoes, you want a sole that is narrow and provides a good pedal feel. For longer driving days, you also want a good support at the heel to relieve any ankle stress.

I have tried three different makes of driving shoes (Sparco, Puma and Piloti) and I selected Piloti as my shoes of choice to feature on The Drivers Gear Box. While the three shoe makes I bought (Puma, Sparco and Piloti) offer a similar pedal feel and are narrow enough to maneuver in a narrow footwell, only the Piloti offers the support at the heel that provides extra comfort for longer drives. Plus they are by far the most comfortable of the three to walk on the street, in addition of being very stylish and offering a broad range of models.

Please don't hesitate to share your comments on your favourite driving shoes here on our this thread on Planet-9!

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