The Case for Peccary Gloves

I have been trying different pairs of driving gloves for daily driving over the last 12 months or so. Some of the top quality models like the Fratelli Orsini in lamb skin are quite stunning and the grip on the steering is very good but the truth of the matter is, wearing gloves is not my thing for all kinds of reasons: I can't pinch properly with my fingers to pick things up, I can't use the touchscreen in my car or my phone and above all, I feel something tickling my hands constantly. This has been my experience until I tried these Peccary fingerless gloves, designed for Summer driving.

These gloves look good- but the most impressive point is how they feel, or to be accurate, how little they feel. Honestly, after wearing them for a few minutes, I forget that I’m wearing gloves! Yes, they are that soft. 

Peccary is considered to be the most exclusive and expensive kind of leather. It is prized for its softness and durability, two qualities that are rarely found in a single leather. With outstanding grip and softness, they naturally mould to the shape of my palms when I hold the steering wheel or shift gear, unlike my lambskin driving gloves that don’t mould as much or feel as natural on my palms. Beyond the extra grip that these gloves provide, they improve comfort. Peccary leather is very breathable and insulating at the same time, turning the skin of my palm to neutral, which prevents any sweat. I have never had fingerless gloves before and I have to say that this type of glove makes it much easier to have a perfect more glove fingers that are too long or too tight.  Plus actions like pressing buttons and operating the touchscreen in my car, or handling my phone, are no longer a problem. In short, this model provides all the benefits without the inconvenience of other driving gloves.

The craftsmanship is impeccable. The gloves come from designer Ines in Amsterdam, who specializes in exclusive haute couture leather gloves for men and women.  They are made by hand taking up to 8 hours to stitch a single pair. The leather is sourced from Peru, one of the few places in the world where you can find peccaries, a pig-like animal from South America. The stitching is done on the outside of the gloves the same way as racing gloves are made, a trend that started with Ayrton Senna wearing his driving gloves inside out to improve comfort and feel on the track. I also like the fact that the gloves are quite short at the wrist so they don’t interfere with my watch like most gloves do.

The colour selection is interesting: Cork, Black and Grey for men, and Cork and Pink for women. Yes, pink Peccary gloves! I own a pair of Cork, a colour with a classic flair to it.

Once you try these, there is no turning back.  They won’t ever replace your track-day gloves – but you won’t want to go back to bare-handed driving for the everyday.