Corvette C7.R LE

Corvette C7.R LE

49.00 149.00

Black and Grey

Inspired by the Corvette® C7.R LE, Piloti's specialized co-branded 'Corvette® C7.R LE' driving shoe is a modified version of Piloti's popular Prototipo. A distinctive black and grey color scheme, official C7.R LE badging and race-inspired stitching are among the design features the 'Corvette® C7.R LE' driving shoe shares with the Corvette®. The Prototipo low profile casual driving shoe is designed for optimal pedal feel. Our patented Roll Control™ spherical heel is engineered to protect and cushion the heel bone, while the rubber heel adds durability and grip. The reinforced lateral side of the right shoe protects from heat and vibration, to allow for rapid and smooth braking during heel-and-toe downshifting. Featuring high quality suede, an EVA midsole for dual density, cushioning, and mesh tongue and facings for breathability, the Prototipo is our tried-and-true driving shoe.

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