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We offer a full customization service on all leather goods and accessories. You can go simple, pick a base model for a road trip bag and add initials, license plate numbers or a logo to personalize it. Most of our customers prefer the custom-made approach which allows you to create your own leather bag from scratch, by selecting among a wide variety of leather colours, stripes, stitching, piping, handles, logos and embroideries to design your master piece after the design of your car. Whatever approach you select, we can ensure that your bag will be unmistakeable your own.

We have produced items for or inspired by famous car brands including Aston Martin, Audi, AMG, McLaren, Porsche, Lotus, Lamborghini, Ford GT and many more. Please have a look at the pictures below showing a few examples of unique pieces we can create for you.

The range of preferences of our customers is quite broad. Most of our custom-made road trip bags start from $600 for simple personalization to $1,200 for a fully customized bag. We deliver within 6 weeks once the order is confirmed.We accommodate the budget of our customers through design. We don't compromise on quality. We only use full grain leather and top quality material for everything you do. Everything is made by hand in Italy. Our philosophy is simple: ONE Bag ONE Artisan. Each item is created to perfection by an artisan in Italy assigned to your project. No detail is too small: the cows are reared in controlled pastures, without barbed wire, to avoid injury and scarring. Hides are carefully inspected before treatment and only those of the very highest quality are selected.

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