Wallet Order

Wallet Order


This amount is for a 50% deposit on an order of 400 wallets. The design will be the same as Prototype #1 we sent you in April 2019. The details of the order was confirmed in your email of September 25 and October 2, 2019.

a) The total cost for this order is US$11,900.

b) Wallets with money clips - 400 items in total:
- 100 with White stitching
- 100 with Red stitching
- 100 with Black stitching
- 100 with Light Green stitching

c) Leather: Pebbled leather in black for all items

d) Logo: As per attached image. It will be embossed inside the money clip part of the wallets

e) The wallets are hand-made in Italy. Although we will do our best to make them look as much as possible like Prototype #1, minor variations may arise as we will use of different magnets than Prototype #1, the leather hides are never identical to each other and they are made by hand.

f) Shipping costs from Italy are not included.

g) All items will be shipped together and delivered by the end of November 2019.

This transaction corresponds to the 50% deposit required to start the production of the wallets. The balance together with the shipping cost will be due upon shipping. 

Prices are in US$. Import duties and/or sales taxes may apply and if so, will be charged by the shipping company upon delivery.

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