Driving Underwear - Grey

Driving Underwear - Grey

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This underwear is simply the best you can find for driving. The (silky) fabric called Icefil® makes you feel up to 5 degrees cooler, which is quite ideal for longer drives in your car seat. The fabric has a 4-way stretch to allow for increased movement and flexibility.  It is extremely soft and breathable, keeping you dry and comfortable. The fit is snug on the leg to avoid your underwear bunching up. All critical seams are removed from your key comfort areas. This ensures you are not rubbing against any seams or stitching.

But the best feature is the keyhole 3-dimensional pouch which supports the package. It eliminates the need to rearrange or adjust (not unlike a comfortable jock strap). The pouch also helps to keep you cool and dry while reducing the chance of chaffing.

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