Peccary Driving Gloves Black - Red Stitching

Peccary Driving Gloves Black - Red Stitching


Improving grip without feeling you are wearing gloves

These fingerless driving gloves are made from the most exclusive and expensive kind of leather: Peccary. With outstanding grip and softness, they naturally mould to the shape of your palms for optimal driving experience.  Peccary leather is very breathable and insulating at the same time, turning the skin of your palm to neutral, which prevents any sweat.

Beyond ensuring a perfect fit, the fingerless feature allows you to use the touchscreen, press buttons, operate other controls in your car and handle your phone.

The impeccable craftsmanship come from designer Ines in Amsterdam, who specializes in exclusive haute couture leather gloves for men and women.  The gloves are made by hand taking up to 8 hours to stitch a single pair. The stitching is done on the outside of the gloves the same way as racing gloves are made, a trend that started with Ayrton Senna wearing his driving gloves inside out to improve comfort and feel on the track. The gloves are short at the wrist so they don’t interfere with your watch like most gloves do.

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To determine your proper glove size, use a measuring tape in inches around your hand as shown on the picture below.
Use your dominant hand (right hand for right handed).